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You will need the following image to do the last problem


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How To Enlarge Images Without Loosing Quality or Pixelated

Have you ever tried enlarging an image and then it became blur? I tried many years ago but I never found a way to enlarge it without loosing quality. Some people said that it’s impossible and some even suggested to pay and get them done professionally… Here is an example. I want to enlarge my logo to 200% and here is what it looks like after scaling it to 200%.


As you can see, the enlarged image is horrible. I wouldn’t want to use such low quality and blur image on my website. Fortunately now I found a simple way that I can enlarge images without loosing it’s quality and I am sharing it with you!

Image files are divided into two major categories: vector images and bitmap images. Vector images are built of lines and curves, called vectors which also include information about their position and colors used. Because vector images are made of vectors, when modifying an image you actually change the properties of the vectors, properties that include color and position. So, you can resize, reshape, edit, and change the vector images many times without loosing their quality. JPG and GIF are bitmap images and you can vectorize them so they can be scaled or enlarged while maintaining it’s quality. There is a website called Vector Magic which offers free online auto-tracer service to converts bitmap images to vector images. All you need to do is upload your image and they will vectorize it for you! Let me show you how easy it is. You will need Adobe Flash Player for this to work. 1. Browse the image that you want to convert to vector image and click Upload. 2. Choose the quality level of the image. 3. Select if your image has less than 12 colors or many colors 4. Select the palette used for vectorizing your image. 5. Done! You can download the results in EPS, SVG or PNG format. You can also share the vectorized image by clicking the Share button to get the link.


Check out the results above! On the left side is the enlarged bitmap and on the right side is the vectorized image. You can clearly see how clear the image even if it has been enlarged. I’ve also tried another free quality image resizer service called Reshade but the results wasn’t as good as what Vector Magic produced. Vector Image is truly a great service and I hope it’ll remain free forever!


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