Editing hints for course assignments

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Most of these topics need to be created or filled in. Add new hints as you see fit. Add a topic with no text if you'd like someone else to work on the details.

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Use the editing toolbar for reminders of many simple editing tasks.

Creating links

  • Internal links: enclose the name of the page in double brackets. If it doesn't already exist, you will create it when you click on the link (which will be in red). For pages for course assignments start the name of the file with your team name to ensure that page names are unique.
  • External links: enclose the URL in single brackets.

Creating new wiki pages

  • Create an internal link in an appropriate page (see above) and click on the link.

Creating and uploading graphs, Word files, PDF files, etc.

  • You can create and upload a Word file
  • Generally better: you can save your graph as a '.png' file and upload it as an image which can be linked in a wiki page.
Before uploading a file, give it a name that will be unique on the wiki.
For team assignments, start the name with your team name, e.g. 'Prac07 TeamFisherScatterplot.png'
For a personal contribution, start a name that uses your userid, e.g. 'UserGeorgesScatterplot.png'
Note that this must be done on your PC before trying to upload the file

Help while editing

If you need help while you edit a file, click on the "Editing help" link just below the editing window.

Keeping up to date

It is easy to subscribe to the RSS feed of the recent changes on the class wiki. This allows you to keep up to date with what is going on within your team project without having to keep checking back. It also alerts you to any changes in the assignments without having to keep rereading the whole wiki.

While you are on the class wiki page, click on the "Recent changes" link in the navigation tool bar. Once the recent changes window is active, click on the "RSS feed" link in the toolbox tool bar.