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The Fields Mathematics Education Forum will meet on Saturday, January 20, 2007 at the Fields Institute, 222 College St. 2nd floor, Toronto.

Light refreshments will be available starting at 9:30 a.m. and lunch will be served at a convenient time during the meeting.

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Fields Math Ed Forum Meeting January 20, 2007 10 am - 2 pm Fields Institute, 222 College Street, Toronto

Agenda Theme: Ontario Research

1. Reports: OAME, OMCA, OCMA, and others. 10 - 10:20 2. Presentations: Eric Muller, Professor Emeritus, Brock University Continuing projects Eric will briefly describe the following projects: (1) a six month visiting scholar position with Pacific Resources for Education and Learning, a non-profit organization working with North Pacific Island Nations; (2) the chapters that Hugh Burkhardt and he have written for the ICMI Study 14 Volume; (3) collaboration with Chantal Buteau for EMF 2006 (Sherbrooke) and ICMI Study 17 (Hanoi); and (4) a Working Group at the upcoming Fredericton CMESG meeting.

Joan Moss, Assistant Professor, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto Design of a research study

Donna Kotsoplous, PhD student, University of Western Ontario Peer communications in mathematics Donna will present findings from her doctoral research. She writes -- Analyzed through video study methodology, my research examined the nature of peer communications in mathematics. Findings suggest that students in this study created limited opportunities to develop the mathematical discourse from one another, despite notable pedagogical intention by the teacher, and despite the task. The findings emphasize the potential of video study methodology in mathematics education research.

Ann Kajander, Assistant Professor, Lakehead University Describing intermediate teacher growth

Miroslav Lovric, Associate Professor, McMaster University What Can we Learn from Math Textbooks? Miroslave will present a preliminary report on the study of mathematics textbooks. He writes: Literature search reveals that very little is known about how (and what) students learn from textbooks (or how teachers/instructors use them).Research questions that we consider include: to what extent (and how) textbooks contribute to students? misconceptions about mathematics ideas, concepts and procedures; how do textbooks balance procedural and conceptual understanding; textbook design and its correlation to learning math; quality, relevance and pedagogical value of applications; communication on mathematics content via visual means (diagrams, graphs, illustrations, etc.).

A light lunch will be served around 12 noon.

Remaining Forum dates for 2006-2007 are Feb 24, Mar 24, Apr 21 and May 26