Grading with Moodle

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Grading with Moodle can be a problem. There are too many ways to submit grades and it turns out that some of them conflict with others and can create problems: loss of grades, inability to correct locked grades, no access to information on group membership in team assignments, etc.

I think that the following approach should work and I propose that we all use it. If we run into problems, let's discuss them as soon as they arise so we can correct the process for everyone.

To grade an assignment:

  1. Click on the assignment in the main page:
  2. Click on 'View|Grade all submissions'
  3. Choose the action: Download grading worksheet
    This will download an Excel file
  4. Enter grades and feedback into the worksheet
  5. Finally choose the action: Upload grading worksheet

You can go through this process repeatedly.

Avoid changing grades directly on the web page. Results have been unpredictable.