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This is a page on which we will accumulate questions and answers of interest to the class as a whole.

Q: Will the midterm cover more from the book or the lectures?

A : Everything in the book in the first four chapters and part of chapter 5 is fair game but the lectures are an indication of the importance or emphasis given to material in the book. The material in the first few lectures contained a fair bit of material that goes beyond the book and that material is important.

Q: Do we need to know R for the midterm?

A : The sample midterm is a good guide to the type of question to expect. There are no questions specifically on R. R will play a potential role in assignment 2 and in the project. In addition to the questions on the sample midterm, it is likely that the midterm will include questions in which you need to:
  1. Calculate a mean and standard deviation of a list of numbers
  2. Compute some z-scores for some numbers, given a mean and a standard deviation

Q: If an essay question on a test is worth 5 marks does that mean that the answer should mention 5 points

A : No!