MATH 3050

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Introduction to Geometries

The course meets Tuesday evening 6-9 in the MathStat Lab Ross S525. This setting is important to support our group work and explorations.

I will use the Wiki to share documents, including Geometry SketchPad (GSP) sketches. I encourage you to get a copy of the program - or ask me for a CD to install. This program is licenced for all students in Ontario to have a copy, so this is within the provincial licence.

There is some other information available through the phorum on AML:

The course outline also available on the web at

My autobiography as background for Assignment 1.

Assignments 1 and 2 for downloading.

Math 3050 Class 1 Documents and comments

Please obtain an account and access for the Gauss Lab. We will probably go to the Gauss Lab for the last portion of the class this Tuesday. Computer Accounts for the AML server (to use in the Gauss Lab) should be created through Passport York.

Door Access Cards should be ready by now, students are requested to visit for info. to obtain their cards.

Math 3050 Class 2 Documents and comments

Math 3050 Assignment 3 Comments on the assignment and on rewrites for Assignment 2.

As requested, I have posted a sample proof Incenter Proof for downloading.

Saturday November 3, at 12:00, CBC Radio Quirks and Quarks, has an interview with the author of a just published book on Donald Coxeter, the leading Canadian (and leading North American) geometer of the 20 th century. The book is called The King of Infinite Space. For more information on the book (and a coming York Web Site) go to:

Assignment 5 is due 'before Christmas' - my last day on campus is likely to be December 18. Since I seem to have caused some confusion, let me note that the assignment is: REQUIRED 7.1 (a,b,c) and 7.5 (a) only. BONUS 7.5(b) the triangulation of a simply polygon.

We explored the Euler Line (in the plane). Here is a web site with the Euler Line and more ... the nine point circle!