MATH 3050 2008-2009

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Introduction to Geometries

The course meets Wednesday evening 6-9 in the MathStat Lab Ross S525. This setting is important to support our group work and explorations.

I will be experimenting with Moodle as an option to this Wiki for the course. Until it is clear the Moodle Site is going to work well, I will use both.

Course Materials

The course outline is available on the web at

Here is Assignment 1 due at the second class.

My autobiography gives some background for Assignment 1.

The tutorials will run Wednesday 5-6 in our regular classroom (Ross S525). The first tutorial will be shorter - 5:30-6 on Wednesday September 10.

Assignment 2 is now available - due September 24. I encourage you to go the the Moodle site, and download it

Let me know if you are having trouble accessing the moodle site.

Other Links

Here are links to two of my recent talks on Geometry and Mathematics Education. These will tell you a bit more about my approach to the teaching and learning of mathematics in general, and geometry in particular.

A public lecture at the Royal Canadian Institute on Mathematics with Eye and Hand. This is on-line as a flash document  

or as a webcast   

A lecture at the First Canadian Computer Algebra and Dynamic Geometry Systems in Mathematics Education (CCADGME) Math with Eye and Hand: GSP, Manipulatives, and Post-Secondary Math