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Math 6627 Practicum in Statistical Consulting 2006-07

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"There are no routine statistical question; only questionable statistical routines." -- D.R. Cox

Table of contents


  • The class scheduled for Sept. 27 conflicts with the Statistics Canada presentation at 3 pm so the class is postponed to the following week. Instead your assignment will be to attend the presentation and find out all you can about employment with Statistics Canada.
  • This course will meet every two weeks starting Wednesday, September 13.

General Information


Text and references

Course Work

The work of the course consists primarily of consulting reports and presentations done in groups and individually. More details will be provided soon.

Class list and teams

Class photo, names, e-mail addresses and assignment to teams can be found at Note that a userid and password are needed to access this page.

Week 1

  • The definition and role of statistics
  • Statistics as a medium of expression: the power of statistics to tell a complex story: [] Hans Rosling on Global Health
  • Statistical consulting environments [1] (
  • Interpersonal aspects of statistical consulting: Janice Derr, Statistical Consulting Video
  • On writing reports: MATH 6627: Writing Reports
  • On presentations: MATH 6627: Presentations
  • The seven basic principles in writing about numbers: MATH 6627: Writing Reports: Seven Basic Principles

Assignment 1:

Due: September 27, 2006

See Editing_hints_for_course_assignments

1. Your team should choose a problem from the handout and send me an e-mail message to tell me which one you wish to do. Each team will do different problems so the first to send me a message gets the first choice. Prepare a report and a 10-minute presentation.
2. Find 2 references per person on statistical consulting or the teaching of statistical consulting. Add them along with a brief annotation to MATH 6627: References.
3. What is the definition of statistics? Post your answer on your team's page.

Team Hox

Team Jaynes

Team Jeffreys

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10

Team Moser

Team Pearson

Team Quetelet

Week 11

Week 12

Team Rao

Team Robbins

Team Savage

Week 13

Some notes on Market Research

Suggested structure for report

  • cover pages
  • possible executive summary -- key findings -- possibly recommendations
  • Table of contents
  • Background and Objectives
  • Methodology
  • How were the data collected
  • Response rates
  • Description of key groups
  • Detailed findings
  • Appendices
    • Copy of questionnairs
    • Tables
    • Brilliant analyses

Final Project

Team Shewhart

Team Snedecor

Possible Projects

  • Explore and write a brief guide to 'Gapminder'. Perform an analysis using the Gapminder software.
  • How to use Sweave, Rtangle to create reports.

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