March 14, 2006

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  • Lee presented calculations about fat, dieting, weight, calories and exercise. I wish I could do a summary of this material justice but I will try.
  • It was π Day (March 14 is 3/14) ( and we talked about π and why one would want to celebrate. I was asked to speak on CTV Newsnet about π Day. My answer was this : it is an excuse for people who have a common interest in math to get together and eat pie. In some ways it is a celebration of geeky-ness.
  • From that radio program we learned some of the history of the computation of π.
    • The Babylonians 5000-500BC knew that it was around 3 or 3.125
    • Archimedes inscribed polygons in a circle and calculated it to 4 decimal places
  • I assigned two homework problems, Polygonal Numbers and Thirty-one for homework due in two weeks.
  • I showed you the game of Set ( and I tried to show that it was related to mathematics. We played a few rounds and then I mentioned that there is a connection with "sets" and lines in a 4-dimensional space.

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