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  • The Canadian based mathematics education journal For the Learning of Mathematics (available in the Scott Library.
  • My proposal for a five year project on revising the Ontario Mathematics Curriculum: Not another five years. It appeared as an editorial in the December OAME Bulletin.
  • Resources on the teaching and learning of mathematics, as well as Mathematics Questions web site, along with an archive of previous answers: I have been a regular contributor, responding to some questions (about 150 according to a recent search). If you are interested in participating in this process, send me your name and interests, and I can forward problems for you to respond to. Or if you are interested in critiquing answers on that site (including mine) with some richer approaches, please do that and include it is your portfolio or other reflections.
  • Resources for the use of History of Math in the Teaching of mathematics: Convergence (|MAA)
  • resources on Mathematics and Ethics:

Bibliography from a CMESG Working Group on Mathematics Education, Society and Peace.

Mathematics and Peace by Ubiratan D'Ambrosio (|)

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