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Some materials on the new Mathematics for Education major at York University:

Table of contents

Material presented at the Workshop

Peter Liljedahl's Presentation

A book recommended by Peter Liljedahl: Exploring Teaching: Reinventing an Introductory Course by Sharon Feiman-Nemser (Editor), Helen Featherstone (Editor)

Some links on Mathematics for Teaching

Brent Davis CMS Presentation on Mathematics for Teaching

Brent Davis and Elane Simmt: MATHEMATICS-FOR-TEACHING: AN ONGOING INVESTIGATION OF THE MATHEMATICS THAT TEACHERS (NEED TO) KNOW, Educational Studies in Mathematics (2006) 61: 293–319

Bridging Mathematics to Math Ed CMS talk

Here is another link to the Windsor talk, December 2009 (also linked on the main page) Bridging Mathematics to Mathematics Education (Windsor 2009)

Other links

Support materials for Instructors, Teaching Assistants, and Students on forming Study Groups for undergraduate mathematics classes:

This work was triggered from the findings of Richard Light and the Harvard Assessment Forum, which found that the best predictor of whether a student starting a science program at Harvard would remain in science and graduate was ... not their grades, but whether they joined a study group in first year.


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