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B.Sc. in Mathematics for Education.

This is a unique program, designed during our Undergraduate Program Review, and approved during the spring of 2006. It is open for transfer students, in the Faculty of Science and Engineering, as well as for applications. The first main admissions was September 2007, and the initial group is about 25 students, plus transfers.

This is a mathematics program focusing on the needs of students interested in concurrent education or consecutive education with Mathematics as a teachable subject. This program is available as a single major only in Science, but we note that this (and other) programs will now be available as part of double majors or major/minor programs crossing between Arts and Science and even Fine Arts.

The program shares a common core in the first two years with the other Mathematics Majors programs. This makes transfer into, or from, any of Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics, Statistics, or Mathematics for Commerce relatively simple after three or four semesters.

Here is a page with the program requirements for a Specialized Honours, Honours Major, or an Honours Minor Mathematics for Education Program Calendar Copy. This can also be downloaded as a pdf document.

Here are specific Science Check Lists for the Specialized Honours Program Specialized Honours Program, and the Honours MajorHonours Major.

The Mathematics programs have recently been revised to fit with the new 'common core' of all the mathematics majors, starting in September 2008. All the Mathematics Majors will take the same math and math related courses in their first year. This will simplify you choices - you do not really need to choose which mathematics major you want until the middle of your second year (or even the end of your second year).

Key courses for this program (MATH 3050 Introduction to Geometries, MATH 4100 Topics in Mathematics Education) will be offered in 2008-2009. People with an interest in teaching can take them, regardless of which Math Major or Minor you are in!

BA in Mathematics for Education

A parallel B.A. version of Mathematics for Education program is also available. It is also available to students who wish to transfer for other Math programs at the upper year level.

Unusually, this BA is in the Faculty of Science and Engineering, but can be part of a double major or major minor with areas of LAPS or Fine Arts. The general education requirements are the same as all other BA programs in Mathematics.

Whether you take a BA or B.Sc. will depend on what other courses you want to take, either as a second teachable, as a major/minor or as more general electives for interest.

Here are the requirements for this new program. Honours BA in Mathematics for Education Calendar Copy, BA Minor in Mathematics for Education Calendar Copy

Advising and other links

For further information and advising, contact Walter Whiteley, Chair of the Mathematics for Education Curriculum Committee, at

Finally, here is a report from a Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group workshop in 2002 about desirable features of such a program.