NATS 1500 2017W/Team Project Description

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Team Project

Due: January 30, 2017
  • Explore Gapminder World (
    • Learn how to select different variables for the Y axis, the X axis, and for the size and the colour of points.
    • Learn how to select different subsets of countries for highlighting and how to turn 'trails' on or off.
    • Learn how to control the time animation and its speed.
  • Find a selection of variables that seem to tell an interesting story about a trend or a historical event that you find interesting. Choose variables that make sense to tell a story. For example, if your are using GDP, consider carefully whether you should use total GDP or GDP per capita for your story. For most purposes, GDP per capita would make more sense.
  • Do a bit of research on this trend or event.
  • Copy the URL for the animation you selected by clicking on the 'Share graph' button and copying the URL that is shown.
  • Write an interesting short essay, one per team,(300 to 2,000 words) describing what the animation shows.
  • You should include links to online materials you used, e.g. Wikipedia articles are considered acceptable for this assignment, and you should include references to other materials that you used but there is no need for an exhaustive list of references as would be required for a more formal scholarly essay.
  • You can discuss and share drafts of your posting in your Piazza team forum.
  • Once you agree on a final draft, post your essay and the URL as a public posting in Piazza. Be sure to include your team's name in the title of the posting, e.g. "Pillai: Fascinating history of ... in South-East Asia." Also, click on the 'team project final draft' tag.
  • Note that each team prepares only one team essay and URL. Of course, if you want to post other essays as posts to the blog, that is more than welcome!
  • After the due date, have a look at the work done by other teams and participate in the discussion.