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There are a number of ways of editing scripts and output files when using R. Have a look at them and add comments to this file.


R Editor 
The editor that comes with R is convenient. Some issues:
  • Commands are executed by typing Ctrl-R which will either submit the current selection or the current line. This feature is attractive except for the problem that the function can not be reassigned to a different key for those who find that frequent typing of Ctrl-R gives them finger cramps.
  • If R crashes, the editor crashes and all unsaved work is lost.
  • No parenthesis matching, automatic indentation or other forms of code highlighting.
Popular editor tailor-made for R.
Shortcut keys for code submission can be programmed. Unfortunately one key can't be programmed to submit either the current selection or the current line -- a different key must be used for each.
Has been known to hog CPU inexplicably -- although this hasn't happened to me in such a long time that I'm tempted to infer that it has been resolved.
Please comment.
Relax (http://www.wiwi.uni-bielefeld.de/~wolf/software/relax/relax.html)
(R Editor for Literate Analysis and lateX) Provides an editor and generates reports in LateX (see below).
R-WinEdt (http://www.ci.tuwien.ac.at/Conferences/DSC-2003/Proceedings/Ligges.pdf)
customizes the LateX editor WinEdt (http://www.winedt.com/) for use as an R editor.

Report preparation

Relax (http://www.wiwi.uni-bielefeld.de/~wolf/software/relax/relax.html)
integrates input and outputs to produce LateX reports. Uses the noweb[1] (http://www.eecs.harvard.edu/%7Enr/noweb/intro.html) approach to literate programming.
Prepare odf files for OpenOffice