R: Factors

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Q: The default reference level using treatment contrasts for a factor in a model formula is the level that is first in alphabetical order. How can I change it to another level?

A: Suppose that your factor is f:

> f <- factor(c('b','b','c','a'))
> f
[1] c a b c a
Levels: a b c

The default contrasts have 'a' as the reference level:

> contrasts(f)
  b c
a 0 0
b 1 0
c 0 1

You can change the order of levels with:

> ff <- factor(f , levels = c('c','b','a'))
> ff
[1] c a b c a
Levels: c b a

which makes 'c' the reference level:

> contrasts(ff)
  b a
c 0 0
b 1 0
a 0 1

Use with lm:

Suppose ff is the order of the qualitative variable f to fit in a linear regression of Y with other quantitative variables X1, X2. Simply replace f with ff in the lm argument, i.e.,

> fit <- lm( Y ~ X1 + X2 + ff )