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From Bill Venables, Aug. 1, 2006:


Here is a general paradigm I tend to use for such problems.  It extends
to fairly general model sequences, including different responses, &c

First a couple of tiny, tricky but useful functions:

subst <- function(Command, ...) do.call("substitute", list(Command,

abut <- function(...)  ## jam things tightly together
  do.call("paste", c(lapply(list(...), as.character), sep = "")) 

Name <- function(...) as.name(do.call("abut", list(...)))

Now the gist.

fitCommand <- quote({
	MODELi <- lm(y ~ poly(x, degree = i), theData)
for(i in 1:6) {
	thisCommand <- subst(fitCommand, MODELi = Name("model_", i), i =
	print(thisCommand)  ## only as a check

At this point you should have the results and

objects(pat = "^model_")

should list the fitted model objects, all of which can be updated,
summarised, plotted, &c, because the information on their construction
is all embedded in the call.


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If I want to display a few polynomial regression fits I can do something


for (i in 1:6) {
	mod <- lm(y ~ poly(x,i))

Suppose that I don't want to over-write the fitted model objects, 
though. How do I create a list of blank fitted model objects for later 
use in a loop?

Murray Jorgensen