R: panel.identify

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When using panel.identify with groups, it doesn't work to use a call to 'panel.xyplot' in the panel function. The call needs to be to 'panel.superpose' as in the following example (run with R 2.5.1)

 xyplot( LE ~ Year | Region, dm, groups = Country, type = 'b', subset = (Year < 2006 )& (abs(LE.diff) > 4),
     panel = function( x, y, subscripts, ...) {
       panel.superpose( x,y,subscripts,...)
       panel.identify( x,y, subscripts = subscripts, labels = dm$Country[subscripts], ...)

It is also possible to identify points interactively using 'trellis.focus', 'panel.identify' and 'trellis.unfocus'.