Reading Group in Rigidity Theory

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This informal group will meet regularly on Wednesday mornings 10-11:30 in Ross N627. Contact Walter Whiteley At our first session (January 17) we reviewed some of the core definitions (Rigidity, First-order or Static rigidity, and Global Rigidity). Here is a DRAFT map of the key concepts, which I will try to keep updated as we progress: Rigidity Concepts

There are a nice set of papers (some dated) over a range of rigidity theory as well as protein flexibility, available for download at [1] is a web site with a lot of material (and an online algorithm) for the study of the rigidity and flexibility of biomolecules.

All issues of Structural Topology (which published a number of the early articles in this generation of work on rigidity) are accessible at the Barcelona web site:

Some other articles, including recent articles and draft introductory chapters for the never completed book on Rigidity (23 on his list) are downloadable at: Algorithms actually used focus on the 'pebble game' in different variations. See the flexweb implementation for 2|V|-3 at See also the interactive Java program for general counts at

People interested in Adnan Sljoka's recent thesis: "Counting for Rigidity, Flexibility and Extensions via the Pebble Game Algorithm" can download it from


Inductive Techniques There are a number of papers developing rigidity results with inductive techniques. For Plane Rigidity, this associated with Henneberg Methods. Here is the link to a preprint which surveys a number of methods for the plane, including a duality between methods, for the special case of planar graphs: Bases and Circuits for 2-Rigidity