SCS: Seminars 2007-08

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Meeting 1: September 28

From Dave Flora:

The text is

Kline, Rex B. (2004). Beyond significance testing: Reforming data analysis methods in behavioral research. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

It has a website : [1] ( Here there are things like exercises, downloadable data sets, and more links.

The author's personal website is here : [2] ( If you want to see pictures of his family (there are other things too).

Below are .pdf files of Chapter 1 and 3.

Chapter 1 is very short, outlining the purpose and plan of the book. Chapter 3 reviews null-hypothesis significance testing and its logic and problems. I think that theme will fit nicely with Hugh's presentation, assuming he is still willing to do it.

I decided to skip chapter 2 because it is mostly just a review of introductory statistics, namely "principles of sampling and estimation that underlie confidence intervals and statistical tests," with things like the usual t-test and ANOVA formulas.

Chapter 1 (
Chapter 3 (

Some references:

Wilkinson, L. and the Task Force on Statistical Inference (1999) "Statistical Methods in Psychology Journals: Guidelines and Explanations," American Psychologist 54 594--604. (

Meeting 2: October 12


  • Continue with Kline, Chapter 3 (
  • The article that led to the creation of the Task Force on Statistical Inference is

Cohen, J. (1994). The Earth is round (p < .05). American Psychologist, 49, 997-1003. Link to the .pdf from York library (

(this article also discusses Pr(Data|Null hypothesis))

  • Some short commentaries (also linked through York library)

Hubbard (

Baril & Cannon (

McGraw (

Svyantek & Ekeberg (

Parker (

Frick (

Cohen's rejoinder (

Meeting 3: October 26

Kline, chapters 4 and 5.

Meeting 4: November 9

  • Kline, chapter 5

This paper mostly focuses on IRT, but the general points about effect sizes at the beginning and end are interesting.

Meeting 5: November 23

Diversion on power analysis

Meeting 6: December 7

No meeting -- undergrad classes are over and the meeting room is being used by ISR for another purpose.

Happy holidays and See you in January 2008!

Meeting 7: January 18

Kline, chapter 6

Meeting 8: February 1

Kline, chapter 8

Meeting 9: February 22

Kline, chapter 9

Fan, X. (2003). Using commonly available software for bootstrapping in both substantive and measurement analyses. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 63, 24-50. (

Meeting 10: March 7

original "p-rep" article:

Killeen, P.R. (2005). An alternative to null hypothesis significance tests. Psychological Science, 16, 345-353. (

Some commentaries:

Cumming, G. (2005). Understanding the average probability of replication: Comment on Killeen (2005). Psychological Science, 16, 1002-1004. (

Doros, G., & Geier, A.B. (2005). Probability of replication revisited: Comment on "an alternative to null hypothesis significance tests." Psychological Science, 2005, 1005-1006. (

MacDonald, Ranald R. (2005). Why replication probabilities depend on prior probability distributions. Psychological Science, 16, 471-481. (

Wagenmakers, E,-J., & Gruenwald, P. (2006). A Bayesian perspective on hypothesis testing: A comment on Killeen (2005). Psychological Science, 17, 641-642. (

Killeen's rejoinders:

Killeen, P.R. (2005). Replicability, confidence, and priors. Psychological Science, 16, 1009-10012. (

Killeen, P.R. (2006). The problem with Bayes. Psychological Science, 17, 643-644. (

Meeting 12: April 11

Main references

Additional references