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Developing Modules for Spatial Reasoning

Walter Whiteley is now leading a project to develop Modules for Spatial Reasoning in 3 faculties:

(i) Engineering - building from the resources at

(ii) First year Science Students;

(iii) Pre-service Teachers. A new course on Hands on Math has been approved by the Faculty of Education. Here is the course description.

There is strong support in the literature for three assertions:

  • students and adults can improve their spatial reasoning abilities;
  • this can have long term positive impact on retention in programs and on performance in programs;
  • experience prior to university leaves many students with weak spatial reasoning abilities and low confidence with tasks that require spatial reasoning.

Links to Support Pages for Spatial Visual Reasoning

Spatial Visual Reasoning for Elementary Teachers (and Students)

for teaching geometry

for teaching geometry.

Exploring Rate of Change in a Geometric Context


specifically - the sublink:


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