Statistics: Longitudinal Data Analysis: Comparisons of HLM and SEM

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  • Todd D. Little, Kai Uwe Schnabel, J├╝rgen Baumert (2000). Modeling Longitudinal and Multilevel Data: Practical Issues, Applied Approaches, and Specific Examples. Psychology Press[2] (
This book focuses on the practical issues and approaches to handling longitudinal and multilevel data. All data sets and the corresponding command files are available via the Web. The working examples are available in the four major SEM packages--LISREL, EQS, MX, and AMOS--and two Multi-level packages--HLM and MLn. All equations and figural conventions are standardized across each contribution. The material is accessible to practicing researchers and students. Users can compare and contrast various analytic approaches to longitudinal and multiple-group data including SEM, Multi-level, LTA, and standard GLM techniques. Ideal for graduate students and practicing researchers in social and behavioral sciences.