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2006 May 16

2006 June 6

2006 October 13

2007 March 16

2007 October 5

2008 April 4 & 9

Future Agenda Items

  • Possible B.Sc. Actuarial Science Programme (in addtion to Math for Commerce Programme)
Discussion: [from June 13 Exec Meeting] Many high school students are aware of and interested in Actuarial Science when they choose university programs and they look for them in the list of university programms from which they select when applying. Having a program explicitly labelled 'Actuarial Science' would help us attract these high school students.
  • Role of MDM4U in our curriculum.
Although we probably can not assume that our students have taken it, it would be desirable to recognize and reinforce those who have in order to encourage high school students to take the course and counsellors to promote it. See Department: High School Curriculum for relevant links.

Possible statistical planning issues for consideration in 2006-2007

A list of possible items to consider in 2006-2007. Please add, subtract or comment. Heated discussions can held in the 'discussion' page by clicking on the link at the top of this page.

  1. UPRAC Review: (Meeting scheduled Nov. 24)
    1. UPRAC Guidelines (
  2. Curriculum review: addressing the suggestions of the UPR Statistics Section: Curricular issues
  3. SSC: A. Stat Accreditation Opening for Individual A-2-5.pdf (|Information_about)
    1. Plan to seek accreditation for courses Statistics Section Minutes 2006 June 6#.22A._Stat.22_Accreditation
    2. SSC document on A. Stat. accreditation (Sept. 11, 2006)
  4. Governance:
    1. Responsibility for curriculum development
    2. Student participation in committees / etc
  5. Career talks
  6. Graduate curricular development: who takes the lead?
  7. Giles Hooker's idea on the practicum and statistical consulting
  8. Seminars in applied statistics
  9. Statistics at York: How can we better pursue common interests with statisticians accross the campus?
    1. Statistics Day at York: see Statistics Day at York
  10. Computing in the curriculum
  11. Weekly coffee/bag lunch??
  12. Keeping timetable slots free for sectional activities
  13. Undergraduate recruitment


  1. Connecting with alumni, integrating them in the activities of the department.
  2. Teaching Award for TAs:
    1. useful for students to establish ability in teaching
    2. allows department to express the value it attaches to teaching
    3. allows us to formulate and convey our pedagogical philosophy

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