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Hello! Proposal Lets start

We have 3 sessions of 3 hours, that we can divide in at least 2 parts.

1) état de la question: data analysis in school: were? when? how? lets establish the actual situation, every participant should provide some information or lack of it.

2) what should be data analysis, the steps...en gros, we should provide this... I suggest that we start each part by dicussing an article...

3) discussion "amorcée" by an article. data analysis in kindergarden data analysis in elementary data analysis in high school data analysis in college. (here depending of the number of persons, we can divide the group and have them present there discussion afterwards.

4) what are the main point that we retain after this... or what should the teaching and learnig of statistics should be

5) TEACHEr TRAINING: where, how, when???

6 conclusion

OK guys, this is a start... maybe the organisers can provide a list of people interested in the group and we could suggest some readings. I would concentrate on the NCTM book wich should be widely avalilable. I suppose that we can photocopy some articles... I will ask Laurent about the possibilities...