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"Federal Study Finds No Edge for Students Using Technology-Based Reading and Math Products" - By Andrew Trotter

This article is an interesting article to read - it takes a different spin on some of the ideas we have been thinking about (especially within the MATH 4100 course). This will be a personal reflection/response after reading about the study.

Geometric Structures by Douglas A. Aichele and John Wolfe

A report on the textbook entitled, “Geometric Structures: An Inquiry-Based Approach for Prospective Elementary and Middle School Teachers” by Douglas B. Aichele and John Wolfe. (2008)

Inventing Kindergarten by Norman Brosterman

A report on the text entiteled, "Inventing Kindergarten" by Norman Brosterman. (1997)

Is Geometry Innate?

A discussion about whether or not our spatial sense in innate. Based upon an article I recently read called "Hunter-Gatherers Grasp Geometry" and a book called "Sexing the Brain". Do humans already have a knowledge of geometry in their minds simply from their daily experiences of the world or do we need the knowledge gained from formal Education?

Spatial Reasoning and VIDEO GAMES!

A discussion about whether or not playing video games effects our skills in spatial reasoning. If so...HOW? and in WHAT WAYS?

Refers to an article entitled, "Place Space & Monkey Brains: Cognitive Mapping in Games & Other Media" by Erik Champion from the University of Queensland in Australia. The article proceeds from teh DiGRA 2005 Conference: Changing Views - Worlds in Play.

Personal Learning Experience

A personal reflection on my learning throughout this course!