Tenure and Promotion

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This page contains links to documents and web pages with information relevant to tenure and promotion in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics/ Please contact Georges Monette (mailto:georges@yorku.ca) if you have suggestions, questions or corrections.

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Preparation of research portion of file

  • Before sending the whole T&P package to a referee, it has been our practice to send an email message asking whether the potential referee is willing to act in that capacity.
  • If someone accepts to act as a referee they are sent a formal letter together with the following.
    1. the candidate's CV,
    2. their research statement,
    3. copies of papers (typically 4) to be considered,
    4. excerpt of general university expectations for promotion and tenure,
    5. excerpt from departmental expectations including material specific to section and rank
    I suggest that everything should be sent by email as quickly as possible and by paper mail soon thereafter.
  • Co-authors (I suggest only the 'senior=most' author relative to the candidate of each paper reviewed) should be asked to supply a statement on the role of the candidate in the preparation of the paper.

Sample letters and attachments

The following sample materials have been used recently in the Statistics Section. Any comments about their appropriateness or suggestions for improvements are welcome.