Tenure and Promotion/E-mail message to potential research referees

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Preliminary e-mail message sent to potential research referees

NOTE: Edit to correct gender and substitute names

SUBJECT: Tenure and Promotion for XX

Dear YY,

XX, who is an Assistant Professor in our department, 
is a candidate for tenure and promotion to Associate Professor. 
We are seeking letters of reference from recognized scholars
in HER field who can evaluate the quality and significance of HER
scholarly work.

I am writing to you to ask whether you would be willing to be one of
HER referees. If you are willing, I will send copies of four relevant
publications by XX, HER curriculum vitae as well as university
statements of expectations and guidelines for assessing HER work.

According to our procedure, XX will receive a list of the names
of referees who have been consulted and SHE may read letters of
assessment, stripped of personal identifiers. You can ensure the
confidentiality of your reference by conveying your name and other
identifying information in a brief cover letter separate from the
assessment proper.  To ensure the timely progress of XX’s file we
would need assessments by DATE.

Please let me know if you would be willing to assess XX’s work. 
Thank you very much for considering this request.

Best regards,
for the file preparation committee