Using the MathStat wiki: FAQ

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Experimenting and learning

How can I experiment with the wiki to learn how to use it and what it can do?
Feel free to experiment in the Sandbox.

Uploading files

How do I add documents to the site? e.g, I want to add copies of a curriculum proposal.
If you can cut and paste text into a wiki page and then edit the result a bit so it looks good as a wiki document that's the best because it make the text searchable, provides a table of contents, etc. The easiest way to create a wiki page is to first find a page in which you will place a link to your new page. Edit this page to add a link. Save the page and then click on the link. This will allow you to edit the new page.
Otherwise, to upload a document that is a 'doc' or a '.pdf' file, you should first give the document a 'safe' name on your own computer. By 'safe' I mean a name that won't collide with names created by others. This is a drawback of the current namespace -- it's shared by everyone. A good idea would be prepend your wiki username to the document.
Then you click on 'upload file' in the panel on the left of a wiki page. When the file is uploaded you can copy its URL and paste it into the wiki page that will link to it.
[This information is based on my experience with Windows, things might be different with a Mac]

Wikis and teaching

How can I use the wiki in a course?
See Using a Wiki for Teaching to see what others have to say and to add your own contribution.