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The development of the field of Business Analytics is closely related to the development of the broader field of Data Science. The Wikipedia article on Data Science ( traces its development over the last decade from an article by Bill Cleveland in 2001 entitled Data Science: An Action Plan for Expanding the Technical Areas of the Field of Statistics ( to recent developments including the surge of interest in the analysis of 'big data'.

It would be interesting to consider the creation of a program or stream in 'Data Science' or 'Data Analytics' building on our current offerings.

Schulich MSc in Business Analytics

Other links

  • An article entitled "Big data, big analytics, big opportunity" ( by Murtaza Haider who is an Associate Dean at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University.
  • Aric Labarr (2012) "The Emergence of Analytics in the World of Business Decisionmaking" AMSTATNEWS (
  • Wikipedia on Business Analytics (
  • Society of Actuaries: Actuaries in Advanced Business Analytics (
  • A job ad at the JSM 2012 ( and link (
  • Simpson's Paradox and Business Analytics: This very interesting article ( in the magazine Significance shows a number of real data examples, including business examples, where the 'wrong' statistical analysis would lead to wrong conclusions about the causal effect between two variables. Here's a tantalizing excerpt: